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Linda T. Robertson

Photos by Linda Robertson

Photography is something I have always had a passion for and enjoyed, but it always seemed to get put-on the back burner. Now I am finding the time for it because it brings me joy, calm, and excitement. Time just flies by when the camera is in my hands, no worries. When we find something we love to do, we need to find the time to make it happen.

Even as a child I loved photography. I could not wait for the next National Geographic Magazine to come out. If you had asked me then what I was going to be when I grew-up, I would have told you, “I am going to be a National Geographic Photographer”. Well, I may not work for the National Geographic Magazine, but you never know.

I was born on Chicopee Falls Air force base in Massachusetts but left at the age of two, when my Dad was transferred to McCoy Air Force Base in Orlando, Florida in 1961. We lived in Orlando until he retired, and then moved to Martin County in 1972. I am a Graduate of Martin County High School. I then attended Indian River Community College for an Associate in Science degree which included Certification in Dental Assisting.

I married my High School Sweetheart in 1979. We were blessed with two amazing daughters and now two wonderful grandchildren (who are my sunshine). You will find Dog Show pictures on this site. For many years I competed in dog events and bred Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. Now instead of showing dogs myself, I’d rather watch my oldest daughter and take pictures of her showing.

I hope to bring peace to you and calm which only water and the ocean give to me. May my photography remind you of the beauty that is around us that we sometimes forget is there, and a reminder that we need to care for this special place we all call home.